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Career Exploration

The Career Development program is designed to enhance learning by providing work-based opportunities for students. Community, education and businesses work together to link the classroom with world-of-work experiences.

Career awareness programs such as job shadowing, blend academic standards with occupational skills, broadening students’ options and helping them make informed decisions about their futures.


To help students make decisions on course selections at enrollment, career planning, and even club choices, Newton High School offers career assessment activities using Naviance along with a variety of other online tools to help them develop their Road to Success. These activities help students identify their interests and which pathways may support those interests. A first step to start planning for a career pathway is to answer the following questions:

  • What do I like to do most? (your interests)
  • What am I good at? (your skills)
  • What do I value in a job? (your work values)
  • Who are you no matter where you are at? (your personality type)
  • How do you process information? (your thinking style)

One way to answer some of these questions is to visit the website My Next Move.  This tool is just one of the links designed to help you begin this process. This process can motivate you, energize you, and give you a sense of purpose that maybe you have never had! It can also assist you in selecting the right classes, at the right times, and for the right reasons. It will provide you with personal ownership in your education and provide you with a career pathway! Click on the Career Assessments link on the left to learn about more tools to help you plan your career pathway!