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Family & Consumer Sciences

Intro to FACS

83502 Introduction to FACS Grades 9 10 .5 credit
This is an introductory class for the area of family and consumer sciences. It is designed to present basic subject matter in all areas of FACS learning: clothing/textiles; resource management; foods and nutrition; interior design, child development, and family relationships. Learning experiences will assist students in understanding themselves, their roles in today's society, and the role of technology at home and at work.

Nutrition & Wellness

84501 Nutrition and Wellness Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
Nutrition and Wellness focuses on wellness and how food affects our body. We prepare and eat food for our bodies’ best use by using dietary guidelines. Wellness is stressed with exercise and the activity pyramid by setting goals for lifelong wellness.


Human Growth & Development

85403 Human Growth and Development Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
In the Human Growth and Development course, students will learn about the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth and development of infants, children, adolescents, young adults, and adults and their development across the life span. Students will study heredity and genetics to find out what their impact is on how individuals develop. Students will investigate each aspect of development and how it pertains to conflict, stress, and relationships. This would be a great course for anyone interested in working in Human Services or Education.


Consumer Education

85101 Consumer Education / Personal Finance Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
This course provides practical, usable knowledge from which the students can benefit as they move into the rigors and demands of independent adult living. Students will examine and research major buying decisions such as auto, housing, furniture, etc. Consumer Education provides training in insurance buying, credit accounts, banking activities, investments, budgeting, food and nutrition as well as decision-making. FCCLA may be an integral part of the course. Students may choose to take one or two semesters.


Family Studies

84701 Family Studies Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
Family Studies focuses on developing essential parenting skills, nurturing children’s development and guiding children’s behavior. Course content will include responsibilities and difficulties of parenthood, as well as basic development and care for infants and children. Students will experience a weekend as a parent by taking home an infant simulation doll. Students will gain a better understanding of the field of Early Childhood Education through projects, discussion, guest speakers and group activities. Students will be required to plan, develop, and perform a lesson for kindergarten students.


Fashion Studio

83902 Fashion Studio I Grades 9 10 11 12 .5 credit
Students will learn the basics of the fashion industry as well as how to use a sewing machine to create fashionable garments. Students will be able to choose their own projects that best match his or her abilities. An excellent learning experience for any beginning sewer. Each student will provide their own patterns and materials needed for class. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.


Fashion Studio II

84002 Fashion Studio II Grades 9 10 11 12 .5 credit
Prerequisite: Fashion Studio I, 4-H Sewing, or Teacher Approval. This course provides the opportunity to construct fabric projects using a variety of advanced sewing skills and short cuts. Students are taught how and encouraged to sew the Serger sewing machine. Each student will provide their own patterns and materials needed for class. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.


Fashion Studio III

84202 Fashion Studio III Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
Prerequisite Fashion Studio II or teacher approval. Fashion Studio III is an excellent course for creative and self-motivated students. Students will harness their inner fashion designer to create their own patterns and garments. Using skills learned in Fashion Studio I and II students will work more independently to complete their projects. Students will acquire many advanced sewing construction techniques, including use of the embroidery machine. Each student will provide their own patterns and materials needed for class. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.

Interior Design

85001 Interior Design Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
This is an excellent class for students interested in learning more about the field of interior design. Students will gain knowledge and skills needed to select interior color, design and furnishings for their future home or apartment. Students will complete many hands-on design projects. Students will explore careers in housing and home furnishings. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.

Career Connections

85451-85452 Career and Community Connections Grades 11 12 1 credit
Career and Community Connections is the career course for the student to apply technical skills in a professional learning experience, paid or unpaid, outside or within the school environment in the Human Services or Restaurant/Event Management career field. A career portfolio will be developed. This course provides the opportunity for the student to focus on career-related topics, team building and effectiveness in the world of work, and acquiring job-seeking skills and retention needed to advance within the workplace. Assistance will be provided to arrange a work placement for a professional learning experience in the area of Human Services or Culinary Arts.