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Intro to Industrial Technology

701091-701092 Introduction to Industrial Technology Grades 9 10 11 12 1 credit
This course is designed to introduce students to materials and processes, computer-aided drafting, automotive technology and machining. Students will learn overall shop and machine safety and different forms of measurement. The course will teach students the skills to maintain a vehicle, perform conventional machining and work with various materials and processes. Students must provide their own clear safety glasses and tape measure. The course is the basic introductory course for the Construction, Production-Machining, and Mobile Equipment Maintenance pathways.


Basic Construction Skills

70301-70302 Basic Construction Skills Grades 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Woodworking I. This course will provide students with information about equipment, methods and materials used in residential and light commercial construction. Students will learn shop/equipment safety and will develop skills in blueprint reading, rough carpentry and finish carpentry.


Woodworking I

7011-7012 Woodworking I Grades 10 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Intro to Industrial Technology. This full-year course is designed to introduce students to woods, materials, processes and techniques used in machine woodworking and in the care and use of woodworking tools and equipment. Students must provide their own clear safety glasses, and tape measure. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.


Woodworking II

7021-7022 Woodworking II Grade 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Woodworking I and by application. This course provides the student an opportunity to develop advanced skills in furniture design, construction and machine operation. This course is for the student who has shown exceptional ability in Woodworking I. Students must provide their own clear safety glasses, and tape measure. Additional fees for individual projects will apply later in the school year. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.


Laser Works

7041-7042 Laser Works Grade 12 1 credits
Prerequisite: By application 0nly (see instructor) and completion of Entrepreneurship/YE or Woodworking II (or concurrent with Woodworking II). This course is designed to integrate skills students have learned in woodworking, marketing or entrepreneurship. Students will process orders, price and manufacture items using the laser engraving machine and will work closely with the small business management program. Students will set up projects for the laser through computer programs. This class may be repeated for credit.