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Business Essentials

50301 Business Essentials Grade 9 .5 credit
This introductory course is designed to give students an overview of the business marketing and finance occupations. Students will examine current events to determine their impact on business and industry and legal and ethical issues. Students will identify employability and personal skills needed to obtain a career and be successful in the workplace. As students learn about different types of businesses, they will analyze business practices to determine ethical and social responsibilities.


Computer Applications

50101 Computer Applications Grades 9 10 .5 credit
This is a one semester course required for graduation for the Class of 2017 and future NHS graduates. This class will consist of computer concepts, word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation skills.


Accounting I

5033-5034 Accounting I Grades 10 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Computer Technology. This course teaches the fundamental accounting cycles for two types of businesses. The student learns how to operate a service business such as a gift shop organized by one owner. The second business that students learn is the organization of a merchandising business as a partnership such as a sporting goods store or an auto parts store. Other topics included are careers, checking accounts, small business management, and payroll records. 

This course is offered for 3 hours of dual college credit through Hutchinson Community College.


Advanced Accounting

5047-5048 Advanced Accounting II Grades 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Success in Accounting I. Advanced Accounting II continues to expand upon the fundamental accounting principles and procedures learned in Accounting I. A greater concentration is placed upon corporate and managerial accounting procedures. This course continues its emphasis on planning and developing a career in accounting or other related fields.


Applied Business Development

80511-80512 Applied Business Development Grade 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Accounting or YE or Financial Management. By application only. In this capstone course, Applied Business Development students will practice skills of planning, organizing, directing and controlling functions of operating a business while assuming the responsibilities and risks involved. Students will develop skills in enterprise development, market analysis and financial preparation. This
course includes classroom activities as well as involving further study of the field and discussion regarding real-world experiences and applications that students encounter in owning and managing a business. Students will work at both an in-house business as well as at businesses within the community to gain practical hands-on work experience. BPA membership required, including payment of dues.
Attendance at Regional and State conferences is also required.


Business Communications

80311-80312 Business Communications Grades 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Success in Computer Applications. Business Communication will help students develop an understanding for effective communications in business situations and environments. Emphasis is placed on all phases of communication: speaking, listening, thinking, responding, reading, writing, communicating non-verbally, and utilizing technology for communications. Business communication
functions, processes and applications in the context of business may be practiced through problem-based projects and real-world applications. Membership in BPA (including payment of dues) is required. Attendance at Regional and State conferences is also required.


Business Law

80201 Business Law Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
This course concentrates on sources law, types of law, the judicial system, legal rights and responsibilities. Topics include criminal, civil, contracts, consumer, property, agency, employment, family and environmental law. Real-life cases and a court experience will be integrated within the class.



8061-8062 Entrepreneurship / YE Grades 10 11 12 1 credit
By Application only. Entrepreneurship will acquaint students with the knowledge and skills necessary to own and operate their own businesses. Topics will include economics, marketing principles, human relations and psychology, business and labor law, legal rights and responsibilities of ownership, business and financial planning, finance and accounting, and communication. Students will develop these skills through a hands-on classroom experience and contact with actual business owner. Students will write a competitive workable business plan.

Financial Management I

80101 Financial Management I Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
This course provides students with knowledge and insight to help them make wise choices regarding personal money management. Topics covered will include the free enterprise system and economic cycles as they impact consumers. Primary units within the course will also focus on credit use and abuse, budgeting, banking, saving, and insurance. An introduction to investing will also be included.


Financial Management II

80111 Financial Management II Grades 11 12 .5 credit
Prerequisite: Financial Management I. This course emphasizes the formulation of business and individual investment decisions by comparing and contrasting the investment qualities of cash, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Students will typically review annual reports, predict growth rates, and analyze trends. Stock market simulations will be incorporated into this course.


IT Essentials: PC & Hardware

51381-51382 IT Essentials: PC Hardware Grades 10 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Computer Apps or Tech. IT Essentials Basics is a technical level course in the Network Systems pathway. It is designed to provide students with in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Course topics include the functionality of hardware and software components as well as suggested best practices in maintenance and safety issues. Students will learn to assemble and configure a computer, install operating systems and software, and troubleshoot problems.


Marketing I

80391-80392 Marketing I Grades 10 11 12 1 credit
Students learn about the expanding field of marketing, marketing careers, promotion, ethics, and product development. Focus will include factors that influence the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. Topics may include (but are not limited to) market research, the purchasing process, distribution systems, warehouse and inventory control, salesmanship, sales promotion, shoplifting and theft control, business management, and entrepreneurship. Human relations, computers, and economics are often covered as well. Students will be introduced to DECA and have the opportunity to participate in DECA.


Networking Systems

51383-51384 Networking Systems Grades 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: IT Essentials: PC Hardware. Networking Systems is a technical level course in the Network Systems pathway. It is designed to provide students with the opportunity to understand and work with hubs, switches, and routers. Students develop an understanding of LAN (local area network), WAN (wide area network), wireless connectivity, and Internet-based communications with a strong emphasis on
network function, design, and installation practices. Students acquire skills in the design, installation, maintenance and management of network systems that may help them obtain network certification. Students who complete Networking Systems will earn 3 hours of college credit through Hutchinson Community College. Tuition is free to NHS students. Students can then go on to pursue Cisco Certified
Network Administrator certification at a post-secondary institution.


Networking Workplace Experience

51387-51388 Networking Systems Workplace Experience Grades 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Application, Teacher approval and interview. Students must complete IT Hardware Basics to be considered for selection. Optional concurrent enrollment in Networking Systems and Router Basics is available. Network Tech Support is an application level course in the Network Systems pathway. It is designed to provide students a learning environment where they complete tasks similar to those of a
network support specialist. The course incorporates rigorous academic and technical standards along with critical workplace skills such as problem solving, communication and teamwork (Repeatable for credit)


Router Basics

51385-51386 Router Basics Grade 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Networking Systems. This is a technical level course in the Network Systems pathway. Students learn about router components, start-up, and configuration using CISCO routers, switches, and the IOS. These courses also cover TCP/IP protocol, IP addressing, subnet masks, and network troubleshooting. Students who compete Router Basics will earn 3 credit hours of college credit through HCC. Tuition is free to students, who can then complete CISCO Certified Network Administrator certification at a post-secondary institution.


Sports & Entertainment Marketing

80491-80492 Sports and Entertainment Marketing Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
This course is designed to study marketing principles and concepts in the sports and entertainment industry. Instructional areas will include: An orientation to the sports and entertainment industry, economics, event execution, career opportunities, decision making, event marketing, advertising and promotion, and legal aspects/contracts. Classroom instruction will be reinforced through the use of outside lectures, case studies, possible field trip experiences, current periodicals, computer simulations, projects, and lecture/discussions.


Small Business Management

8075-8078 Small Business Management Grades 11 12 1-2 credits
Prerequisite: YE and application. This course covers similar topics as Marketing-Comprehensive courses but places a particular emphasis on business management and entrepreneurship, providing exposure to common techniques and problems of management. Students will participate in interactive instruction and will develop communication, research and problem solving skills as they relate to business. Learning is focused on applied entrepreneurial opportunities and careers as well as all aspects of the operation/management of small businesses. The format of this class promotes a strong community link, and students will spend time working directly with community mentors. Additionally, students will
actively participate in the operation of an in-school business. They will also research, develop, write and present a workable business plan. DECA membership is required (including payment of dues). Attendance at both Regional and State competitions is also required.


Web Page Design

50701 Web Page Design Grades 10 11 12 .5 credit
Prerequisite Computer Apps or Tech. This is a technical level course where students use Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and other tools to construct websites. Students will be instructed in how to design websites by introducing them to and refining their knowledge of site planning, page layout, graphic design, and the use of markup languages—such as Extensible Hypertext Markup, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, and Document Object Model—to develop and maintain a web page. Students may receive Fine Arts credit for this course.


This course is offered for 2 college credit hours from Hutchinson Community College. The course is IS174 Web Tools and Layout.