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A/V Communications

The table below shows  a progression of courses through the A/V Communications pathway. Students who work through this progression are considered concentrators in the pathway. The list on the left displays the entire list of offerings available.

Grade Level
Grade Level
9, 10, 11, 12
10, 11, 12
A/V Production Fundamentals
9, 10, 11, 12
11, 12
10, 11, 12
What do I do in class?
Whether you have an interest in photography, writing or technology, there are opportunities in journalism! Students write, edit and publish 11 issues of the NHS newspaper, The Newtonian, a literary magazine and the yearbook. Students also write and produce a news show, Railer News, in Broadcast Production.
Are there other benefits to me in the A/V Communications pathway?
YES! Students are members of the National Scholastic Press Association. As members of this association members attend workshops and participate in competitions.
What careers are available and how much money can I make?
Below is a list of a few career choices in A/V Communications.
Career Specialty
U.S. Salary Median
Education Requirements
Associates degree
4-year degree
Writer and Author
4-year degree
Literature Postsecondary Teacher
Advanced degree


Digital Media Technology

50803-50804 Digital Media Technology Grades 9 10 11 12 1 credit
Digital Media Technology teaches the technical skills needed to work with electronic media. Students will explore photography, digital imaging, graphic design, video production, web design, and digital citizenship, while applying the principles of design in a project-based learning environment. Topics will include exploring the use of digital media and video today and in the future, a study of the relationship of work flow to project planning and completion, and the software, equipment and tools used in the industry. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.


21st Century Journalism

12011-12012 21st Century Journalism Grades 9 10 11 12 1 credit
This course promotes the development of the skill set needed today and in the future, including an overview of the field of journalism and mass communication. Students learn to be consumers of media and to understand news gathering and production. This course includes instruction in basic news writing, reporting, editing and discussion of legal and ethical issues. In addition, students will explore the role media has in the communications industry in society. This class is the prerequisite for Newspaper Production, Yearbook Production and Broadcast Production.


Digital Media Design & Production

12211-12212 Digital Media Design & Production Grades 10 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: 21st Century Journalism or Digital Media and Teacher Approval. This is a lab course in which students will create the school newspaper and yearbook, and produce online content. This course will provide students with the opportunity to apply the fundamental techniques learned in Digital Media and 21st Century Journalism through the production of a multi-media project for public presentation.
Topics include developing a production schedule, working as a team, utilizing composition principles and embedding audio, video or other content in digital formats. Students taking this course must be self-directed and be able to work with others. Leadership, cooperation and high standards of achievement are essential in all staff members. This course may be repeated for credit.


Graphic Design Fundamentals

41411-41412 Graphic Design Fundamentals Grades 10 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Art Basics (see p. 27). This course provides a basic understanding of the graphic design process and is for the design-oriented student. Topics include analyzing the design elements and principles, exploring industry tools, software and equipment and learning composition techniques to develop a quality product. Color theory and graphic design will be emphasized. Fashion design, silkscreen, paper-cut techniques, fabric and textile projects will be included. The use of the computer as an art tool will be introduced. Students will purchase an art packet.


Graphic Design II

41511-41512 Design II Grades 11 12 1 credit
Prerequisite: Design I. A class for the advanced graphics design student. There will be further exploration in typography and graphic design. The graphic artist on computer will cover fashion design, video, design layout, printing, topography and design. Students will purchase an art packet. Focus will be towards a career as a graphics designer.